Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security

Programme Overview

Texila American University’s bachelor’s program in Cyber Security is contemporary, providing students the exposure to cyber risks, attacks, and vulnerabilities, training students on cyber security measures and their potential impact with insights on mitigating phishing and cyber-attacks on business systems and networks, the future scope and the latest job trends.

Our bachelor of science  in Cyber Security program provides students with a solid foundation and gain knowledge about the risks and pathways of cyber threats and develop an awareness of vulnerabilities to software, networks, and systems in various business environments, and devises strategies for storing and protecting information on networks and systems. It also enables you to frame policies improving surveillance and minimizing cyber-crimes.

The bachelor of science  in Cyber Security program prepares students to meet industry requirements and excel in their job roles as network security engineers, cyber security analysts, application security engineers, information security officers, etc.

The program offers theoretical knowledge, technical exposure, and hands-on learning with advanced labs and can be pursued full-time, part-time, or online modes. It equips you with professional skills enabling you to add value to organizations in areas of cyber security with an understanding of information security and investigative skills to advance in your career.


Years Duration

Credit or better in any of the 5 subjects in Grade 12


Years Duration

Diploma in Information Technology or any relevant specialization

Structure of the programme

Year Course Title Credit Points
Year 1 Introduction to Computer Programming 15
Mathematics – I 15
Introduction to Cyber Security 15
Introduction to Digital Technologies 15
Introduction to Emerging Technologies 15
Introduction to Mobile Application Development 15
Introduction to Web Development 15
Computer Organization and Architecture 15
Total 120

Programme Learning Outcomes

The learners would be able to:

  • The student will understand a holistic & wide variety of foundational topics of the cyber security domain, which will be helpful to lead freshers, as well as IT professionals having 1 to 2 years of experience, into the next level of choice, such as Network Administrator / System Administrator / Security Analyst / Security Engineer / Ethical Hacker/ Cryptographer / Penetration Tester and so on.
  • The student will be a master of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking and will have the skill to Analyze and evaluate the cyber security needs of an organization.
  • Should have the knowledge to Conduct a risk assessment for cyber security, Measure the performance of cyber security systems and troubleshoot them, and Put cyber security solutions in place.
  • Be able to use software/tools for cyber security, information assurance, and cyber/computer forensics to Create a security architecture for an organization and Create operational and strategic cyber security policies and strategies.

Academic Delivery Plan

Texila American University Zambia is providing quality education with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, best learning methodology and technology enabled academic services.

  • Uniquely Designed Learning Methodology
  • Outcome Based Academic Delivery
  • Continuous Academic Support
  • Enhanced Learning Management Systems
  • Technology Enabled Services

Selection Factors

Students applying to Texila American University (һФһһһ) are selected based on their academic achievements, personal qualities, and extracurricular activities. Each applicant is assessed considering their educational background, age, and intended course of study. Additionally, students must demonstrate the intellectual capability, physical stamina, and emotional resilience necessary to meet the demands of their chosen field. һФһһһ seeks well-rounded individuals who possess the skills and attributes required for a successful career, ensuring that they are prepared to excel in their respective professions.

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What Do You Gain?

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program will be able to:

  • Apply Cyber Security Principles: Utilize comprehensive knowledge of cyber security to protect systems and networks from cyber threats.
  • Identify and Mitigate Threats: Detect, analyze, and respond to various cyber threats and vulnerabilities to ensure the safety and integrity of information systems.
  • Develop Security Solutions: Design, implement, and maintain robust security measures and protocols to safeguard digital assets and sensitive information.
  • Collaborate on Security Efforts: Work effectively as part of a security team to develop strategies and solutions for complex cyber security challenges.
  • Adhere to Ethical Standards: Uphold professional, ethical, and legal standards in cyber security practices, ensuring compliance with regulations and best practices.

Career Progression

Many opportunities exist in the expansive field of Cyber Security nationally and globally.

On successful completion of a B.Sc. in Cyber Security Degree, the following are the opportunities available in Zambia and the globe.

  • IT Project Manager/ Ethical Hacker/ Cryptographer / Penetration Tester or Information Security Analyst.
  • Data Scientist / Security Officer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • IT Security officer
  • IT Consultant / Information Security Engineer

Facilities for Programme Delivery

һФһһһ has excellent facilities for program delivery designed keeping in mind the needs of the student by all means

  • Classroom

All our classrooms are well equipped with Hi-tech facilities like specially designed classroom projectors with computers with uninterrupted network connections. Our entire classrooms are centralized air-conditioned with good lighting. Comfortable seating arrangements are made for students’ comfort. We have a well-equipped and designed computer laboratory with more than 60 computers and one dedicated Server connection for use. To strengthen our Information and Communication technology, we have authorized CISCO networking systems.

  • Research Policy

һФһһһ-Zambia has a separate research policy to develop and maintain state-of-the-art technology, resources (research grants/scholarships, etc.), facilities, and personnel to support educational and advanced research for students and faculty.

  • Library

A learning hub for students to satisfy their thirst for inquisitive knowledge and urge. Our huge database is filled with information which can easily help in your academic brilliance. һФһһһ Library is equipped with a good number of relevant books for the students to refer to and make use of the books for their continuous academic growth.

  • Learning Management System

The Learning Management System is the Academic Delivery platform for students, through which lecture contents, video lectures, learning resources, assessment, project submission, grading, etc. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based application through which learning content is delivered and managed. An LMS is tied to online and offline training, administration, and performance management and includes functionality for course catalogues, launching courses, registering learners, and tracking learner progress and assessments. An LMS combines a front-end for the learner with a back-end for administrators and instructors. This LMS seamlessly displays, in a browser interface, real-time information drawn from a database. It also allows for competency-driven assessment and course associations.

Degree Regulations

The student will be eligible for the award of the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security, on successful completion of all the academic requirements

Degree Classification

һФһһһ offers Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program for the students who have successfully fulfilled all the academic requirements.


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